The casing is manufactured from 1.2mm zintec steel sheet and will have a matt black powder paint finish to the inside face. Levelling bolts are fitted through the base of the casing to allow up to 20mm height adjustment if required.

The trench casing has joining straps and end straps which allow for 50mm and 75mm horizontal adjustment respectfully.

Finned Heating Elements

Our Finned Heating Elements are 15mm/22mm copper tube with aluminium finns locked together for excellent heat transfer. They come in four different shapes and sizes and all giving different outputs.


At Gunning Heating we have invested considerable time and effort in designing a strong quality grille for our trench heating. Unlike other manufacturers our trench heaters are mostly positioned in front of doorways therefore will take a lot of foot traffic. We have produced as standard a quality grille that will not warp once heated, has a very hard surface and will last significantly longer than other aluminium grilles. We are often asked to quote for replacement grilles for other rival manufacturer’s trench heaters as they are not always fit for purpose.