Trench Heating – Most Preferred Heating Source

Want your newly built home or extension to be the envy of your family, friends and neighbours.

The first thing you want your visitors to see is the architectural design and glamorous interior as they walk into your home.

You may have used large glazed facades, French/sliding doors which are highly favoured by architects and designers.

A superior home with beautiful interior should also have a designer heating system which is effective and discreet and Trench Heating does the job perfectly.
Trench Heating is the best way of providing a heating system in front of full glazed walls. Gunning trench heaters are ideal for offsetting a downdraught from windows or glazed walls in extensions, conservatories, offices or anywhere that wall height is at a premium.

The even distribution of heat along the glass perimeter prevents draughts, cold spots and of course condensation. The trench casing is sunk into the ground with only the grille showing.

Grilles are anodised and come in six colours and can have different free area (space between grille blades) 30%, 50% 60% and 70% although the most popular is our quality standard silver/grey cross blade grille with a 60% free area.

We manufacture six types of trench heaters all with different widths and depths, each one giving out a different output and we make the length to your exact requirement.

Gunning trench heating is the perfect solution to save valuable wall space while creating an elegant and unobtrusive heating system.


How does it work?

The system comprises of a steel casing which houses an aluminium finned copper tube-heating element. Hot water passes through the element, cold air drops into the trench on the wall/window side through the inlet grille. The air is then warmed up as it rises past the element through natural convection and out into the room through the outlet grille.